DASTA Systems

Chromatography Data Acquisition Systems or DAta STAtions series  DASTA 710/720 is a stand-alone, high accuracy, micro-controller-based digital micro- voltmeter, which can be interfaced through the PC’s RS232 (serial) port.

It comes with its own chromatograph plotting and analysis software WinQCDS.

Product Info

DASTA is a Chromatography Data Acquisition System, which can be coupled to any GC/HPLC a computer via a serial RS232 link.

Special features of DASTA Series :

  •  Data Acquisition Parameters
  • Single and dual channel configurations.
  • Programmable sampling rate : 50Hz, 10Hz and 2Hz.
  • Programmable input voltage ranges : 10V, 5V, 2.5V & 1.5V.

 Precision Performance Hardware

  • High precision 24-bit ADCs.
  • Configurable on-board digital filters for each channel.


 Chromatography Data Analysis Software

  • Versatile peak-editing tools.
  • Precise measurement of areas.
  • Automatic detection of both positive & negative peaks.


 Advanced Features

  • Auto-ranging facility available on each channel.
  • Relative reading facility for each channel with offset nulling.
  • “Save Configurations” & “Recall Configurations” options.



No. of channels Single & dual channel  configurations
A/D Convertor 24-bit
Input ranges 1.25, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0V
Sampling frequency 2, 10, 50Hz
Typical System Noise <5µV @ 2.5V FS / 10Hz


Software (WinQCDS 8.0)
Run Time Limited only by HDD Capacity
Number of Peaks Limited only by HDD Capacity
Number of Standards Six
Baseline Correction Interactive
Reference Peaks Unlimited
Internal Standards One


Standard Accessories
Serial Cable One (2m)
Signal Cable One (1m) standard
User Manual One
Software Provided in CD


Minimum Computer Requirement
Computer Pentium IV® & above
Main Memory 128 MB
Hard Disk Drive 20 MB free space
Compact Disk Drive Standard
Coloured Monitor Min. 1024×768 resolution
Serial Port Two/Three
Parrallel Port One
Printer Inkjet/Laserjet


Installation Requirements
Power Input 220Vac/50Hz (±1%)
Temperature 50ºC (Max.)
Dimensions L=32cm, W=21.5cm, H=9cm
Weight 3.7 kg



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