GC772x series of Gas/Liquid Chromatographs precisely separates the constituents present in an injected gas/liquid sample. Along with WinQCDS – Quazar Chromatography Data Acquisition-Analysis Software, it becomes really a very versatile, user-friendly and a powerful chemical analysis tool.

Product Info

Take a look at the critical specifications of GC772x series of Gas/Liquid Chromatographs.

  • Oven temperature range 2oC above ambient to 450oC.
  • Temperature stability 0.03oC.
  • Minimum detectable limit less than 5 pg of carbon as ethylene using N2 carrier.
  • Linear dynamic range 107.


  • WinQCDS 9.0 an advanced instrument Control and Data Analysis Software.
  • Versatile peak detection & editing tools.
  • Bunching, Savitsky-Golay & Adaptive Filtering for noise reduction.
  • Precise area calculations algorithms.


  • Choice of split-less and/or split injectors.
  • Rapid auto cooling of oven without door opening.
  • Auto flame out protection.
  • State of the art electro-pneumatic flow control.
  • EPC pressure stability 0.005 psi.
  • EPC flow stability 0.005 ml/min.


Operating Temperature Range 4°C above ambient to 450ºC
Temperature Control PID type
Temperature Programming 7 ramps from keypad & as many as desired from PC
Skin temp. (at temp. 450ºC) Less than 20ºC above ambient
Cooling rate (450ºC to 70ºC) <9 minutes
Volume of the inner oven 15 L (23.5 cm x 24.5 cm x 26.0 cm)
Max. Temp. gradient +/-0.5ºC (over the column)
Temperature Stability 0.03ºC
Temp Set-point Resolution
Ramp Resolution 0.1ºC/min


Ramp Rates(Oven)
Temp. range( ºC ) Ramp rates(ºC/Min )
50-70 >70
70-115 >50
115-175 >45
175-300 >40
300-400 >25
400-450 >15


Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)
Max. Operating Temperature 450ºC
Temp Set-point Resolution 1ºC
Minimum Detectable Limit <5 pg of carbon/s as ethylene
using N2 carrier
Sensitivity 0.008 Coulombs/gC
Linear Dynamic range 107
No. of settings for enhanced/attenuated sensitivity 2 (0.1 & 0.01µAFS)
Sampling rate 10/50Hz
Noise @ 10Hz & 10,000pA F.S. <5µV(50fA)
Auto flame out protection Yes


Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
Interchangeable analyzer & reference columns.
Two & 4-filament designs.
Built-in filament burn-out protection.
Flow regulation by electro-pneumatic controls.
Very low baseline noise.


Inlets available Split / Splitless with purge
Max. Operating temperature 450ºC
Temperature Control PID type
Temp Set-point Resolution 1ºC


Installation Requirements
Dimensions 79cm x 50cm x 51cm (BxDxH)
Power Requirement 220Vac/50Hz (stabilized) 3KVA max.
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 50ºC
Weight 48kg


Electro-Pneumatic Flow
Modes of operation
Packed Pressure Controlled
Packed Flow Controlled
Capillary Pressure Controlled
Capillary Flow Controlled Without Split
Capillary Flow Controlled With Split
Pressure stability < 0.005 psi
Flow stability < 0.005 ml/min.
Max. Pressure Control Point 100 psi
Max. Flow Control Point 100 ml/min.
Flow/Pressure Programming
Number of ramps & holds As per user requirement
Number of lines Controlled 5 (packed) & 7 (capillary)


Computer Controlled Operation
Number of login levels 3
Monitoring Resolution :
Flow 10-6 ml/min.
Pressures 10-6 psi
Temperatures 0.01oC


System Noise, Wander, Drift
Background Current < 8 pA @ 50oC
Wander < 0.5 pA
Iso-thermal drift < 0.1 pA in 1 hour
Drift under temperature programming from 50oC to 200oC @ 10oC/min <2  pA
(The drift due to coloumn bleed is much larger.)


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