Recent News

    • Qrystal 12-zone CVD installed @ IIT, Kharagpur (Dec 2022)
    • Qrystal 12-zone CVD installed @ IIT, Kanpur (Feb 2023)

    • nanoREV Low Temperature LT-STM installed @ IIT, Palakkad (Mar 2023)

About Us

Quazar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Quazar Tech), New Delhi, is a 19 year-old innovative R&D firm in the area of hi-tech instrumentation. It is currently working in several areas of electronics, micro-controllers and electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and of chemical engineering. Quazar supports its R&D effort exclusively through the products it develops (It doesn’t apply for any grants or subsidies for its research. This is a conscious decision in favour of self-reliance).


QT is a heady blend of academic excellence, intellectual freedom, industrial discipline, business efficiency and social consciousness. QT has an open, friendly atmosphere and an enabling technological environment (Somehow technology seems to come easier at Quazar). The staff is characterized by its team spirit, technical competence and openness to both acquiring and sharing knowledge. QT’s permanent workforce has an interesting composition.


Quazar Tech is mentored by Prof. Deshdeep Sahdev, who has more than 30 years of research experience in the leading institutes of Europe and America, like Cornell University (New York), Case Institute of Technology (Ohio), Trieste (Italy) and in India in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) and Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur (IITK). Quazar Tech routinely attracts engineers from the best universities of India , including the IITs and various NITs etc.


In addition to the above, QT has, at all times, several of the top (i.e. the most competent, motivated, visionary and inevitably the most unconventional) students of the country’s leading technical schools and top universities on its premises, doing their training with us, all drawn by the magic of QT. It is no wonder, therefore, that QT has developed 5 international quality products (or rather product lines) since the very first year of its existence, and developed a most unusual vision for its future.

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