Application specific CVD: MoS2

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CVD 12 zone furnace

EM-12C: 12 zone 1100 ◦ C, split tubular furnace

Number of independently controlled zone12
Length of each zone75 mm
Total hot zone length900 mm
Heating elementKanthal-A1
Temperature sensorN-type thermocouple

Mass Flow Controller

Mass flow controller

EM-203 : 0 – 1000 sccm flow

Supported gasesNitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon, air, and methane
Flow0 – 1000 sccm
Setpoint resolutionBetter than 0.05% of the full-scale
FlushingA flow of 5000 sccm or more is provided with an on/off valve, installed in parallel to the MFC
MFC shutoffShut-off is ensured with another on/off valve installed in series with the MFC and flush valve
PurgeThe tube outlet has an on/off valve

QRYSTAL monitoring

QRYSTAL monitoring

User interface and recipe editor

• The system has an embedded control software, named Qrystal, to display and control the
following parameters of the system.
– Zone temperature as pseudo-colored bar graph
– Process tube pressure (i.e. Pirani and gauge pressure)
– MFC inlet pressure
– MFC flow setpoint and actual flow
– Real-time plots
– Flush and flow shut-off status
– Pump control
– Purge control
– Recipe load, edit, save, and run control
• User can program their recipe using Python scripts
• Advanced user can use SDK to develop custom applications for remote monitoring and
control using Modbus TCP/IP over LAN.

Vacuum system

QRY-830: 10^-3 mbar CVD vacuum system

QRY-141 vacuum components– Process tube coupling with reusable filters
– Vacuum level sensors: Pirani gauge and Linear sensor
– Chamber isolation: Butterfly valve
– Release valve
– Purge valve
STD-VP-103-250: Double stage rotary vane vacuum pump– Two stage rotary pump
– Throughput: 15 m^3/hr
– Ultimate vacuum: Better than 10^-2 mbar