nanoREV Air STM

stm_nanorev_air_compressednanoREVTM is an ambient air STM which opens out the fascinating nano-world right on to your table-top. It comes with a superb combination of ease-of-use and a high-level of sophistication, making it a ready-to-use instrument both for the beginners and the experts in the field of probe microscopy.

Product Info

Take a look at the critical specifications of nanoREVTM Ambient Air STM.

  • Scan Area from atomic resolution upto 3.8μm x 3.8μm.
  • Min resolution : 6pm
  • I-V Spectroscopy with Sample Bias ranging from -10V to +10V.
  • Piezoelectric Approach Mechanism.
  • Small Vibration Isolation Platform footprint : 17cm x 17cm.
  • SiM – Advanced data acquisition analysis software.
  • 3D-rendering of STM images.
  • Line Profile extraction.
  • Data exported to standard formats like ASCII, jpg, png etc.
  • Elegant installation – No additional vibration isolation required at all.
  • Swift and easy tip and sample changes.
  • Tunneling Current and Feedback voltage signal output for CRO monitoring.

Visit the fascinating  nanoREVTM STM Image Gallery to have a glimpse of the nanoscale realm revealed by it. Also check out the HowTo Videos to see nanoREVTM STM in action.

Why nanoREV?

Expertise and experience

In the field of mechanics, vibration isolation, piezo-sensors, feedback-control, high voltage power supplies and amplifiers, data-acquisition software etc. to accelerate   nano-technology and related research and development. Experience of the team involved ensures time-bound, effective and optimal solutions to the challenges posed.

Zero Downtime

Our service and support system is targeted to maintain seamless operation of the STM facility. The updates, enhancements and replacements are made immediately with ensuring its uninterrupted usage.

Customization and regular updates

It much more than just an STM, its a sustained relationship with us in building and enhancing the technology, which is an outcome of the quest for further exploration and improvement. The feedbacks of our users have consistently improved and enhanced the whole system.  We are committed to keep the hardware and software updated at the user end.

What is in a name – nanoREV? … Revelations of the nano-world !!


STM Measurements
Sizes Maximum Area Minimum Area X/Y Resolution
Large 3.7μm x 3.7μm 14.8nm x 14.8nm 0.06nm
Small 375nm x 375nm 1.5nm x 1.5nm 0.006nm
Z-Resolution Analog Mode: 8-10pm, Digital Mode: 15pm (Using 16-bit DAC)
Scan Orientation Horizontal and Vertical
Max Z Range ±350 to ±500nm (Full Stretch and Full-Retract)
Imaging Modes
  • Constant Current (CC) mode
  • Constant Height (CH) mode
  • Dynamical Conductance or Local density of states (LDOS) imaging
  • Local Barrier Height Imaging (LBH Imaging)
Scan Signals
4-channel 16-bit DACs
Measurement Channels
4-channels 16-bit ADC
Sample Bias
  • -10V to +10V in steps of 0.3mV
  • -100V to +100V in steps of 3mV
I-V Spectroscopy

0.3mV bias resolution for 1750 data points,

  • Numerical dI/dV & Normalized dI/dV plots
  • dI/dV with Lock-in-Amplifier
  • Export to ASCII option available
I-Z Spectroscopy
  • Tunneling Current vs tip-sample distance plots
  • Conductance vs Distance plots (Normal & Semilog)
  • Export to ASCII option available
Slope Correction
Digitally-controlled X/Y slope correction
Coarse Approach
Micro-controller based Walker Control with LCD display
Tunnel Current
±10nA in steps of 5pA (100nA option available)
Software: SiM (STM iMproved)
Image Display
Dual Mode (Scan and Retrace) Image Display with live scan CRO.
Display Modes
Both 2D and 3D displays, customizable look-up tables for  pseudo image coloring.
Line Profile Extraction, X/Y Slope Correction, Fourier Transforms and Filters, Selective Zooming, Calibration etc.
Data Export
Exports to ASCII, jpg, png, postcript formats.
Spatial and Fourier Low-Pass Filtering, Background Subtraction, Histogram Equalization, Zooming, Contrast, Slope Correction etc.
Applying controlled voltage pulses to the sample.
OS Installers available for the latest Ubuntu LTS Distributions.


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