Chemical Vapour Deposition Systems

QrystalTM is a fully automated research grade chemical vapour deposition system, with 12 independent temperature zones (divisible into 1, 2, or 3 zones on the fly), each capable of reaching temperatures upto 1200 °C. It has an inbuilt precision mass flow controller allowing controlled injection of upto 4 gases. A back pressure regulator allows a fixed controlled pressure to be maintained throughout the deposition chamber.

Product Info

The QRYSTAL: Chemical Vapour Deposition system was launched by Quazar Tech in 2018 and has already been deployed at the top research facilities across the country.
Researchers can take advantage of the modular nature of QRYSTAL to build a system as per their research program or procure recipes along with application specific systems kickstarting their research from day 1 of the installation


Detailed specifications sheet can be downloaded here. Click on the modules to see their specifications

EM-12C: 12 zone 1100 ◦ C, split tubular furnace

Number of independently controlled zone12
Length of each zone75 mm
Total hot zone length900 mm
Heating elementKanthal-A1
Temperature sensorN-type thermocouple


The QRYSTAL system is part of the research facilities at the following locations

  • Advanced Science and Technology Lab, Vinoba Bhave University
  • Functional Materials and Devices Laboratory, IIT Delhi
  • Department of Physics, Vidyasagar Univerity
  • Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur
  • Nano-Technology Lab, BIT Sindri
  • 2 systems at NRF, IIT Delhi for Graphene and TMDC


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