Scanning And Tunneling Microscopes

nanoREVTM Ambient Air STM

nanoREVTM is an ambient air STM which opens out the fascinating nano-world right on to your table-top. It comes with a superb combination of ease-of-use and high-level of sophistication, making it a ready-to-use instrument both for the beginners and the experts in the field of probe microscopy.

nanoREVTM Vacuum STM

nanoREVTM Vacuum STM operates in vacuum ranging from ambient down to 10-3 mbars. Vibration free pumping during the scans is done using sorption pump dipped in liquid nitrogen.

SPM Samples

We are suppliers / manufacturers of all the widely used STM samples used by both, researchers and beginners, alike.

How-To Videos

nanoREVTM STM usage requires care and caution for its proper and long-term functioning. The videos below show a standard way of performing some of the critical procedures while using this instrument. These videos can be used for training a personnel on this setup.

SPM Accessories

Sample Mounting Discs:

  • Curated Sample Library
  • Electroplated Threaded MS Sample Discs (10 mm diameter).
  • Pt/Ir Tip Kit
  • Tungsten Wire and Tip Etching Setup
  • Tweezers