Scanning And Tunneling Microscopes

nanoREV Air STM

nanoREV is an ambient air STM which opens out the fascinating nano-world right on to your table-top. It comes with a superb combination of ease-of-use and high-level of sophistication, making it a ready-to-use instrument both for the beginners and the experts in the field of probe microscopy.

nanoREV Vacuum STM

nanoREV Vacuum STM operates in vacuum ranging from ambient down to 10-3 mbars. Vibration free pumping during the scans is done using sorption pump dipped in liquid nitrogen.


nanoREV LTSTM operates from 77K to 330K. With automated hoisting mechanism and rotary LTSTM scan-head, the ex-situ tip and sample replacements are made as easy as done in an ambient STM. For more details check out the latest Specification sheet of nanoREV 7x LTSTM.

SPM Samples

We are suppliers / manufacturers of all the widely used STM samples used by both, researchers and beginners, alike. Spares like blank sample discs (10 mm diameter) are readily supplied by us.

How-To Videos

nanoREVTM STM usage requires care and caution for its proper and long-term functioning. The videos below show a standard way of performing some of the critical procedures while using this instrument. These videos can be used for training a personnel on this setup.

SPM Accessories

  • Low Speed Cutting Machine,
  • Pt/Ir Tip Kit,
  • Tungsten Wire and Tip Etching Setup,
  • Tweezers, Sample keys etc.