nanoREV Vacuum STM

nanoREVTM Vacuum STM operates in vacuum ranging from ambient down to 10-3 mbars. Vibration free pumping during the scans is done using sorption pump dipped in liquid nitrogen.

Product Info

Take a look at the critical specifications of nanoREVTM Vacuum STM.

  • Small chamber footprint – just 25cm !
  • Viewing window for tip-sample junction.
  • Two additional blanked-out KF-25 ports.
  • Fitted with vacuum-release (vent) valve.
  • All vibration isolation inside the chamber.
  • SiM – Advanced data acquisition analysis software.
  • 3D-rendering of STM images.
  • Line Profile extraction.
  • Data exported to standard formats like ASCII, jpg, png etc.
  • Elegant installation – No additional vibration isolation required at all.
  • Swift and easy tip and sample changes.
  • Tunneling Current and Feedback voltage signal output for CRO monitoring.

Visit the fascinating  nanoREVTM STM Image Gallery to have a glimpse of the nanoscale realm revealed by it. Also check out the HowTo Videos to see nanoREVTM STM in action.


STM Measurements
Sizes Minimum Area Maximum Area X/Y Resolution
eXtra Large 20 x 20nm2 2.0 x 2.0μm2 500pm
Large 10 x 10nm2 200 x 200nm2 50pm
Small 20 x 20Å2
40 x 40nm2 10pm
Z-Resolution Analog Mode: 0.008-0.01nm, Digital Mode: 0.025-0.05nm (Using 12-bit DAC)
Scan Orientation Horizontal and Vertical
Max Z Range ±350 to ±500nm (Full Stretch and Full-Retract)
Imaging Modes Constant Current (CC), Constant Height (CH) modes and Dynamical Conductance Imaging
Vacuum Specifications
Vacuum range Ambient to 10-3mbar
Vacuum Holding Time
2-3 hours with sorption pump
Rotary pump
For vacuum range 10-2 to 10-3 mbar
Liquid Nitrogen
8 to 10 liters per experiment
Viewing Window
For tip-sample junction
Spare ports
Two blanked-out KF-25 ports
Vibration Isolation
No further isolation required for the chamber
Chamber Dimensions
25cm (dia) x ~17cm (height)
Fitted with vacuum release (vent) valve.
Scan Signals
4-Channel 12-bit DACs
Measurement Ch.
Single Channel 16-bit ADC
Sample Bias
-10,000mV to +10,000mV in steps of 5mV
I-V Spectroscopy
750 points, min. bias resolution 5mV
Slope Correction
Front Panel X/Y slope correction
Coarse Approach
Micro-controller based Walker Control with LCD
Tunnel Current
-5nA to +5nA in steps of 0.1nA (Option 1),  -25nA to +25nA in steps of 0.5nA (Option 2)
Software-SiM (STMiMproved)
Image Display
Dual Mode (Scan and Retrace) Image Display
Display Options
Both 2D and 3D displays, customizable look-up tables for  pseudo image coloring
Analysis Functions
Line Profile Extraction, X/Y Slope Correction, Fourier Transforms and Filters, Selective Zooming
Data Export
Exports to ASCII, jpg, png, postcript formats
Image Processing
In-built image improvement toolbox with specialized spatial and fourier filters like Histogram Equalization, Gaussian LPF, Slope recitification in X and Y etc.
Applying controlled voltage pulses to the sample (-10V to +10V )
Operating System UbiKewti Linux LiveDVD (with installation option)

All the detailed specs of nanoREV Vacuum STM can be found here:

nanoREV Vacuum STM Brochure (pdf)


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