SPM Accessories

Sample Mounting Discs :

  • Electroplated MS discs (10 mm diameter)
  • Threaded Sample Discs

STM Tip Wire :

  • Tungsten (0.25 mm diameter)
  • Pt-80%/Ir-20% (0.25 mm diameter)

Conducting Silver Ink :


  • Quick Drying (< 1 min)
  • No adhesive properties.

nanoREVTM  STM Toolkit :

Complete Toolkit with:

  • 10 threaded sample discs,
  • 2 sample keys,
  • Conducting Silver-Paste, Tip-Holding Tweezers,
  • Wire-Cutters etc.

STM Sample Library : Specially selected samples for SPM user community with sample discs having pre-mounted samples. Load and use!

  • Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite (HOPG),
  • Bismuth Telluride (99.999%) (Bi2Te3),
  • Gold deposition (~150 nm layer thickness) over Muscuvite Mica,
  • Tantalum Disuplhide 1T-TaS2,
  • Grade I Muscovite Mica etc.

nanoETCHTM Tip Fabrication Unit : The quality of images obtained, using an STM, is critically dependent on the nature of the probing tip. The nanoETCH unit is used for preparation of tungsten tips by electro-chemical etching process.  

QSAW 2.0 Low Speed Cutting Machine:  It is a very useful for sectioning/shaping hard and brittle samples into appropriate dimensions suitable for characterization sample-stages. Download QSAW 2.0 Brochure

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