Transport Measurement Systems

XPLORE Physical Quantities Measurement System (PQMS) is an easy-to-use, versatile system for acquiring experimental plots of magnetic ac susceptibility and electrical resistance of your sample as a function of temperature in the range of 80-450K.

Product Info

Temperature Controlled Environment

  • Cryostat with double-walled insulation for improved temperature control
  • Temperature Range: 80-450K
  • Temperature Stability: ±0.1K


Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement

  • Non-magnetic primary & secondary windings
  • Enhanced sensitivity through excellent compensation
  • In-phase & 90° out-of-phase measurement


Electrical Resistivity Measurement

  • Four-Probe Insert designed for easy mounting of sample
  • Automatic cancellation of thermal voltages by current reversal (Δ-mode) for enhanced accuracy
  • Current and voltage ranges designed for resistances ranging over 17 orders of magnitude


Software Package

  • User-selectable temperature, current, and voltage sweep rates
  • Real time measurement, display, and recording of physical parameter values
  • Online plotting of R vs T, I vs V and χac vs T data



Cryostat and temperature controller
Sample chamber
Dimension 21mm (dia) x 100mm (length), top loading
Construction Non-magnetic, double walled
Temperature range
Temperature range 80K-450K
Cryogen Liquid N2
Exchange gas Air, port available for evacuation/flushing
Temperature measurement and control
Sensors Pt100 and K-type thermocouple
Temperature resolution 0.01K
Temperature stability Better than ±0.1K in isothermal mode
Temperature ramp-rate 1K/min-10K/min in steps of 0.1K/min
Control algorithm PID
PID parameters User configurable
Heater power 40 Watt
Winding type Non-magnetic
Computer connectivity USB


R-T and I-V measurements with 4-probe insert and   I-V source and measurement unit
Source mode Current or voltage
Current source specification
Current source range(s) 100µA, 1mA, 10mA
Current setpoint resolution Better than 0.05% of full-scale
Voltage compliance 10V
Voltage source specification
Voltage source range(s) 10V
Voltage setpoint resolution Better than 0.005% of full-scale
Current compliance 10mA
Ammeter specification
Current measurement range(s) 100µA, 1mA, 10mA
Current measurement resolution 6½ digit
Voltmeter specification
Voltage measurement range(s) 100mv, 1V, 10V
Voltage measurement resolution 6½ digit
Input impedance >1012Ω
Ohmmeter specification
Resistance measurement range(s) 10Ω, 100Ω, 1kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ, 1MΩ, 10MΩ
Resistance measurement resolution 6½ digit
Computer connectivity USB


χ-T measurement with AC-susceptometer and lock-in amplifier
Sample size 5mm (dia) x 10mm (length)
Field strength 4 Oe RMS field at 80Hz
Primary driver
Frequency range(s) 10Hz-10KHz
Reference output 2V peak-to-peak
Reference generation Direct digital synthesis
Lock-in detection
Integration time 1 sec
Pre-amp gain(s) 1, 10, 100
Post-amp gain(s) 1, 10, 100
Measurement resolution 16-bit
Measured quantities Both amplitude and phase
Computer connectivity USB


Data acquisition and control software: Qrius 1.1
Computer automation of R-T and χ-T measurements using above mentioned modules have been provided by Qrius 1.1 software. It allows easy control of all experimental parameters and real time recording and plot of physical quantities. The software runs on Ubuntu 12.04 and is provided on an easy-to-use, installable Live DVD.


Other user provided accessories required to run the system
The following is a list of accessories that need to be provided by the user for proper operation of XPLORE 1.1 PQMS setup.

  • Rotary vacuum pump with KF-25 bellow
  • Minimum of 3 liters of liquid nitrogen
  • Computer with DVD drive, USB 2.0 port, 2GB RAM, 100GB of hard-disk space and Pentium dual core or above processor



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